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Marilyne is my Personal shopper but above all my "personal fashion guru" ! She listened carefully and applied her fashion expertise to my specific needs taking into account my lifestyle, budget, and tastes. I learned about the colors that suit me best, the morphology of my face and body, and the style that helps me feel more like myself. Previous to our 3-hour shopping session, Marilyne had identified items in different boutiques which I tried on while she offered suggestions, made changes, and listened to my feedback. We found both quality basics to help close gaps in my wardrobe, and more excitingly, special pieces which I would have never considered. I am very grateful for all her help and support. 


Marilyne es mi gurú del estilo y tambien mi Personal Shopper ! Tras escucharme cuidadosamente, utilizó su conocimiento de la moda (adquirido por años de experiencia en la industria), tomó en cuenta mi estilo de vida, presupuesto y gustos para ayudarme a encontrar mi estilo personal. Aprendí sobre los colores que me sientan mejor, la morfología de mi cara y cuerpo, y el estilo que me ayuda a sentirme más como mi misma. Antes de nuestra sesión de compras de 3 horas, Marilyne había identificado piezas en diferentes boutiques, las cuales me probé mientras ella me ofreció sugerencias, hizo cambios, y escuchó mis opiniones cuidadosamente. Encontramos tanto piezas básicas necesarias para mi guardarropa, como piezas únicas que jamás hubiera considerado sin su ayuda. Todo esto lo hizo hablando un español perfecto. Mil gracias Marilyne !



Gabriella - July 2022



I spent a great time with Marilyne/ Personal Shopper !

Marilyne is a good listener and she was very active during my personal shopping session.

I wanted to assert my style and thanks to her and her precious style advice, I had the opportunity to  dare and

try other kind of clothes - more originals.

At the same time, the garments I bought are respecting my morphology and my shopping budget !

Thank you so much Marilyne for this lovely experience !


See you soon !




2nd personal shopping session with Marilyne  !


I am still very happy with her personalized services.

Marilyne is professional Personal Shopper and made a lot of scoutings in the Men shops previously my personal shopping tour. It means we spent a productive shopping moment.

She is able to discover "THE" item you would'n t be able to find by yourself.

She also delivers style advice during the fittings and is very comfortable with you and the sales staff.


In conclusion, I highly recommend her and her personalized services as a Personal Shopper !



Camille - MARCH 2022


Amazing and highly recommended !

This was one of the best things I did for myself in Paris. Marilyne, my Personal shopper,  truly has an eye for fashion and a warm personality that made the whole experience perfect! She takes the time to understand what you like/dislike, and tailors the experience to You! Without her help, I would have missed many of the true Parisian boutiques. She found mea few items that I would never dare to even bother try on, and once I did, Voila ! She found me pieces that will stay in my closet as timeless and unique and I will definitely be back in Paris next year and shopping! Merci beaucoup Marilyne ! I'll be sure to send you pictures of my outfits as I wear them !


Diana - Oct 2018




I spent a great Saturday afternoon with Marilyne/ Personal Shopper !. We started with a style analysis

which was very informative and helpful and I got a lot of great advice regarding make-up,

haircut and color, how to dress etc.

We continued doing some shopping in the Marais : Marilyne had identified in advance

some Boutiques and pieces she wanted to show to me.

I bought a couple of great pieces which I would not have discovered without her expert eye.

 hanks a lot, Marilyne, I am very happy with what I bought and  I will recommend to

anyone seeking expert advice on style and shopping in Paris.



Britta S - Oct 2016



Dear Marilyne


Our Shopping Trip was great! We would like to thank you again for this nice day. Even if we didn't know what to expect, it was a special experience.


We hope you enjoyed the day too. 


Greetings from Switzerland;-)

Laura - Sept 2016


Experiencing Paris for the first time is a remarkable occasion. It is easy to be overwhelmed by the sights and the sounds, which made me nervous that I would walk out of paris empty handed when it came to the fashion market. I wanted something to remember my trip by, and the personal shopping experience Marilyne ( Personal Shopper ) gave me was more than enough! I was fulfill my dream of seeing the original Chanel store, vintage jewelry shopping in paris, checking out the cool Parisian boutiques, and even walked out of Paris with a black vintage miu min dress I found for an AMAZING price. The experience Marilyne gave me was one I will never, ever forget and I cannot thank her enough for it!



Kate - May 2016


Thank you very much for everything today! We had a wonderful time, and I really appreciated hearing your fashion advice. I came home with some incredible pieces. Thanks also for the restaurant info and link, we will check it out. Merci pour tout !


Sue H. – Octobre 2015



We were honored to spend 3 hours with Marilyne/ Personal Shopper, during our Paris journey.

It was a fantastic Flashions tour and extraordinary experience even for those who visited Paris before not to mention for us who visited French capital for the first time. It was really unique treat to learn everything about French Fashion history and to visit most recognizable Fashion brands. Marilyne was wonderful, patient and she was completely committed to quench our Fashion thirst. I would recommend her high professional services to all who like shopping at exquisite places or for the ones who are just interested in history of French fashion industry.


Mirjana R. – Octobre 2015


I was very lucky and happy to finally find my little leather jacket thanks to Marilyne. She's a great Personal Shopper !

Actually I would not have though to go inside this Maje’s store by myself! Lovely Shopping experience in Paris. Would like to come back with my Australian friends to share it.


Renée L. – May 2015

J’étais heureuse d’avoir fait un Bilan Image/Style avec toi car, oui, cela faisait un moment que j’y pensais et l’occasion s’est présentée avec toi ! Il était intéressant de comprendre les couleurs qui me vont et de repartir avec le petit livret de couleurs, super utile pour acheter du maquillage par exemple. 

Je fus aussi surprise d’apprendre que je me trompais complètement sur les teintes de fond de teint ! Ce n’est pas trop tôt de s’en rendre compte à 40 ans !


Marie - Laure V. – Février 2015

J’ai été heureuse d’avoir fait un Bilan Image/ Style avec toi. Tu as une belle écoute, tu es vive et tu captes rapidement les infos. Je ne me posais pas mal de questions. J’avais besoin de savoir comment sortir de mes 2 styles de prédilection. En revanche je suis un peu perdue avec cette histoire de couleur froides pastels car par simple goût je n’irais pas dans cette direction. Le Bilan Image fut un moment délicieux, des conseils avisés, judicieux et précieux. En résumé, je fus enchantée. Marilyne est un ange !


Vanessa S. – Septembre 2014




Estoy muy contenta de haber encontrado tus servicios de Personal Shopper en París. Seguro que repitirá mi aventura contigo.


Cuando usaste las telas (plateado y dorado) con eso te pudiste guiar si era de colores fríos o calientes y  explicar que con uno se me notan menos las imperfecciones (ojeras, etc) …. Eso no me lo habían dicho en México. Me encantó tu compañía =)


Lise H. – Julio 2014



I spent a wonderful afternoon, shopping in the Marais, with Marilyne. Although I have lived in Paris for 15 years,


 I discovered new areas and new shops, that I never would have frequented otherwise.
It was a refreshing and enjoyable experience! I was able to find beautiful clothes, that I never would have chosen all by myself. It was overall, a very rewarding, fun and enjoyable experience that I recommend to both tourists and native « Parisien(es) ».


 I appreciated all you did, your professionalism and I really did discover fashion and new shops, in a fun way (not a stressful way).


Allyson H. – May 2014



Marilyn was awesome!


It was a sunny day in Le Marais, we spent 3 hours going through the best shops. I told Marilyn what I was looking (pants specifically as I have gone up one size), she did her homework and within 3 hours I found a pair of pants I could wear every day and two skirts for the summer. Although I went up in one size, the pants and skirts still look slimming. Ready for summer! Thanks Marilyn !


Shery F. – May 2014



I want to thank you again for a lovely shopping experience in Paris. We are enjoying our “scents” immensely! My man adored his gift as well. I am hoping for another trip to Paris soon! Natalie and I had a wonderful time! Thanks.


Jane A. – July 2013



Meeting with Marilyne was so wonderful because she really took the time to listen to my concerns and find out what I liked. Her approach is very thorough, informative and fun! She opened my eyes to possibilities I hadn’t even considered before. In fact, I discovered my hidden side of style! She is so talented, she can help a fashion expert, or a novice like me. If you want to spend a unique time in Paris with a true expert, Marilyne is the one!



On s’est rencontrées dans un endroit atypique, dans un hôtel du 6ème arr. avec jardin privé. Personne charmante qui a su me mettre l’aise rapidement. On a pu discuter de moi, de mon look, de ce que je recherche. Elle m’a posé plusieurs questions et aussi montré des photos de différents styles pour mieux me cerner. Ensuite, elle m’a expliquée ce que je devais porter ou faire par rapport à ma morphologie, à la forme de mon visage, à la couleur de mes cheveux et de mes yeux…C’était un moment agréable et intéressant. Puis, nous avons pu faire du shopping dans le quartier ! J’ai été ravie de ce moment. Merci à Marilyne pour tous ces conseils.


Amandine G. – Novembre 2012



J’ai adoré le bilan proposé par Marilyne ! Le lieu du rendez-vous était enchanteur et propice à la discrétion, cosy et lumineux, parfait pour se sentir à l’aise et en confiance. Marilyne m’a posé des questions très intéressantes et judicieuses et qui nous ont aidé à cheminer vers une approche très personnelle sur les couleurs et les formes qui me mettent en valeur – versus celles qu’il est préférable que j’évite - en fonction des particularités de mon style, qu’elle a aussi réussi à cerner et à renforcer. Ses conseils shopping m’ont permis d’acheter des articles que j’ai plaisir à mettre car je suis sûre qu’ils me vont bien, et d’ailleurs, j’ai eu (et j’ai toujours de jolis commentaires sur mes « nouvelles » tenues. J’ai maintenant toujours sur moi la « palette des (bonnes) couleurs » pour mes achats spontanés qui dorénavant sont plus sûrs d’être sur moi qu’au fond d’un placard…


Régine P. – Novembre 2012


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